I Didn’t Forget About You!

Ok, seriously. I am the world’s worst study abroad blogger. I can’t even remember my last post. Was it about spring break? I’m ashamed.

Because I can’t even remember my last post, I’m just going to pick up from this past weekend. Feel free to creep on my Facebook albums to fill in the gaps.

This past weekend we traveled to Innsbruck as a group. It was beautiful! We were only there for a short time so I didn’t feel like I really got to experience very much of the city. Our first stop was the Olympic skip jump that was used in one of the winter Olympics in the 60’s (I think) and is now used as a training facility. We took a cable car to the top of it which was cool; it was awesome to envision myself as a professional skier preparing to do my Olympic jump. But we all know that won’t happen. Anyone remember my Austrian ski adventure?

Olympic ski jump

Olympic ski jump

Afterwards AIFS treated us to an amazing meal in a cafe with panoramic views of Innsbruck. I had wiener schnitzel, of course! When we had finished eating, we loaded back onto the bus and headed down into the city for a city tour. After the tour, we had the afternoon free to explore. I mostly just wandered aimlessly around the city center and had a glass of wine at a cafe.



When we returned to Salzburg, my cousin Lucy was waiting for me. I picked her up from a restaurant in the city center and we spent Friday night hanging out in my dorm room and swapping travel stories. Saturday we elected to walk around the city center and shop. Perhaps the highlight of the day was Bärenland, which is what we lovingly refer to as, “gummy bear world.” It’s a relatively small shop but sells nothing but gummy products of any shape and flavor. Lucy discovered the bag of naked gummy men, which of course we found hilarious. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the river and then went out with some of my friends on Saturday night. Hopefully Lucy enjoyed her time in Salzburg! Unfortunately, money (and time) is running short and I’m not sure I’ll make it to Hungary to visit her 😦 but at least we shared one European weekend!

Tomorrow we have off classes for May Day which is a big holiday here. Everyone gathers in the city center for the raising of the May Pole and boys get the opportunity to try and climb the May Pole in pursuit of the goodies at the top (sausages, I think?). Everyone wears traditional Austrian “tracht” – lederhosen and dirndls. I don’t own a dirndl so I might stick out a little bit, but I think we stick out anyways just because we are American. Apparently tourists aren’t extremely welcome at the May Pole celebration so I’m a little apprehensive but we’ll see how it goes!

This weekend I’m off to Interlaken, Switzerland for some canyoning! My weekends are quickly winding down – this weekend to Switzerland, next weekend in Salzburg, the next possibly in Belgium, then one final weekend in Salzburg before my flight home on the 30! Where has my time gone?!

I’ll try to keep up my blog better in the next 30 days so that you all can come along for the ride!


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