Adventure is out there!

This past weekend I traveled to Interlaken, Switzerland and in case you couldn’t tell by my flood of Facebook posts…I. Am. Obsessed. Interlaken is my favorite place that I have been. It wasn’t even necessarily the town itself that captured me (although it was beautiful, don’t get me wrong) but the activities that we did while we were there. I was traveling with a group who was so excited to go adventuring. I’ll admit, I was nervous at first. “What have I gotten myself into?” definitely crossed my mind a few times but the attachment I suddenly feel to the town and it’s surrounding areas is crazy. 

We started our weekend with a high ropes course, which I had never done before. For those of you that don’t know, high ropes courses are basically zip line courses with obstacles in between. You do things like walking a plank or crossing essentially a tight rope with only the stability of a few rope holds or wires – all while suspended approx. 30 feet off the ground by a harness.

High ropes course

High ropes course

This was all great fun until someone talked me into trying the second-hardest course. I did fine on the first few obstacles but then they got progressively harder. The one that gave me the most trouble was a bunch of logs arranged at varying heights that not only swung around but also spun. I wish I had taken a picture of this monster. I got through two of the logs before I lost my footing and fell to what I was sure was my death but realistically was just me dangling from my harness, tangled up in a log, looking like a fool.  Regardless, I was stuck and had to yell for help. I don’t know what I thought they could do for me but the lady just stood underneath me yelling directions and encouraging words. After finally untangling myself, I backtracked the two logs and just zip lined to the other side. After finishing that course, I chose an easier one. Overall, the ropes course was amazing and I can’t wait to find a cool one in the states!

On Saturday we had signed up to go canyoning. Canyoning is basically jumping, sliding, and rappelling down rocks in a river gorge while the water rushes by. I was a little nervous – I have swum in plenty of creeks, rivers, and lakes but never like this. Little did I know that I would absolutely fall IN LOVE with canyoning!

Pendulum rappelling around a cliff

Pendulum rappelling around a cliff

My favorite aspects of canyoning were the jumps and the pendulum rappel. I wasn’t such a fan of the slides – I always came up gasping for air, having swallowed approx 3 gallons of water. The very last slide in particular didn’t agree with me. We were supposed to slide down one part, slow down enough for the guide to grab our hand and guide us to our next slide, and then slide over that one into another pool where we could stand up and exit. The first slide went ok but when I went to stick my hand out for the guide to grab, I ended up rolling myself over onto my stomach which meant the guide had nothing to grab which meant that I went over the next slide face down. Oops. Not my proudest moment. I might have looked (and felt) like I was a drowning rat for most of it, but canyoning is at the very tip-top of my list of favorite things. It’s all I have thought about since we left Switzerland and I am in the process of planning another canyoning trip in Austria with some friends.

After our grand adventure, we rented some bikes and rode around Interlaken just enjoying the sites – it was a beautiful day to enjoy some good company.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken, Switzerland

Leaving Switzerland was hard. I haven’t felt like this about any country or city before – usually I am ecstatic to return to Salzburg but I just wanted to stay in Interlaken and continue adventuring! It will be VERY high on my list of places to return to later in life. Until then, this amazing place will be at the back of my mind and I’ll remember that adventure is out there!


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