Bis Bald, Salzburg!

It’s finally here. Classes are over, final exams are taken, (most of) my clothes are packed into my suitcase – my semester abroad is, to my dismay, coming quickly to an end. As soon as I set foot in Europe, I made a countdown on my phone to keep track of the days until my return. I remember when that countdown was over 100 days and I couldn’t wait for it to be in the double digits. Then the double digits came and I remember texting my friends keeping them updated as well: “83 days! 77 days!” When it got closer to 45 and then 30 days left, my excitement about going home turned into anxiety about leaving. Next thing I knew, my countdown was in the single digits and today when I look at my homescreen, it informs me that I go home in exactly 1 day. Tomorrow. Continue reading


Adventure is out there!

This past weekend I traveled to Interlaken, Switzerland and in case you couldn’t tell by my flood of Facebook posts…I. Am. Obsessed. Interlaken is my favorite place that I have been. It wasn’t even necessarily the town itself that captured me (although it was beautiful, don’t get me wrong) but the activities that we did while we were there. I was traveling with a group who was so excited to go adventuring. I’ll admit, I was nervous at first. “What have I gotten myself into?” definitely crossed my mind a few times but the attachment I suddenly feel to the town and it’s surrounding areas is crazy.  Continue reading

I Didn’t Forget About You!

Ok, seriously. I am the world’s worst study abroad blogger. I can’t even remember my last post. Was it about spring break? I’m ashamed.

Because I can’t even remember my last post, I’m just going to pick up from this past weekend. Feel free to creep on my Facebook albums to fill in the gaps.

This past weekend we traveled to Innsbruck as a group. It was beautiful! We were only there for a short time so I didn’t feel like I really got to experience very much of the city. Our first stop was the Olympic skip jump that was used in one of the winter Olympics in the 60’s (I think) and is now used as a training facility. We took a cable car to the top of it which was cool; it was awesome to envision myself as a professional skier preparing to do my Olympic jump. But we all know that won’t happen. Anyone remember my Austrian ski adventure? Continue reading

Spring Break Whirlwhind

Last time I checked, I was enjoying my spring break and then one day I blinked and suddenly I’m back in Salzburg going to class. What the heck happened?! But seriously though, spring break flew by faster than I could have imagined and while the days were flying by, I also managed to not post any blogs :/ oops. This is my attempt at catching up. Again, I am a failure and am too lazy to insert pictures but this time they aren’t even on Facebook because I have yet to edit them (with the exception of Rome and Barcelona). Did I mention that I’m struggling to recover from my spring break high? Sigh.

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Warning: this blog post has the potential to be boring because I’m feeling too lazy to insert pictures. Check my “Spring Break 2013” album on Facebook to see pictures from my trip.

Spring Break has begun! My roommate Julia and I will be traveling together for the whole trip. Our first stop was Rome. We left Salzburg Friday morning and took a 9 hour (beautiful!) train ride. It was decently late by the time we arrived so we found a restaurant near our our hostel and then went to bed. On Saturday morning we wanted to start off our trip with all the big touristy spots. But first we bought what is called a Roma Pass; this gave us 3 days of any kind of public transportation, free admission + line skip at 2 attractions, and reduced admission to basically every other attraction in the city. For 30 euro, it was pretty worth it.

We first went to the Colosseum. It was glorious to bypass the line there. The Colosseum itself was so cool! Not only was it mindblowing to imagine how old it was, but also to think about the fact that hundreds of years ago, people were actually gathered there to watch the gladiators. Like that was actually someone’s real life. It sounds stupid, but these are the things that cross my mind. Continue reading

My Alpine Ski Adventure

I just want to take a few minutes to tell you about  my Alpine ski adventure, mostly so that I can look back on this blog post in a few months and reminisce.

Today a lot of us took the free ski shuttle bus to the mountain Flachau for a day of skiing. I’ve only skied once before in my life (in 6th grade) when my dad won a ski trip from his job. I remember that my parents got us a private ski lesson and that I did really well those few days in Park City; approximately 9 years later, I was still convinced that I was a “natural” and it would all come back to me. I definitely didn’t think it would turn into the train wreck that it did.  Continue reading


Turns out, keeping up a blog while studying abroad is much harder than I expected. The original plan was to blog 2-3 times a week relaying my daily life (it’s exciting, let me tell ya). After being here for a few weeks, I think the new goal is once a week. Hopefully that’s often enough to keep everyone up-to-date on my experiences but spread out enough to keep me sane 🙂

This past weekend, my friends and I traveled to Venice, Italy. It’s still unreal to say it. You mean I can hop on a train for 6 hours and be in ITALY?! I still don’t know if I believe that. Anyway, Venice was amazing. We boarded a 1:30 am train on Thursday night and arrived at 8:30 on Friday morning. I think the first thing we all noticed was how warm it was! It was about 50 degrees and sunny the whole weekend which was a nice change from Salzburg which is usually snowy and cold (ok, turns out that Salzburg had beautiful weather while we were gone but I’m choosing to ignore that). 8 of us rented an apartment which turned out way better than I think any of us expected! It was such a beautiful apartment located right next to a church in a very peaceful, quiet neighborhood on the north side of the city.

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